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About Us

In the face of society’s neglect to the transport industry movers, despite their invaluable participation in the Philippine economy, the idea of transport cooperative came into the mind of Mr. Danilo Diaz - a cooperative employee and public utility jeepney operator – an affirmation to the vision that we want to be God’s channel of abundance in uplifting the spiritual and socio-economic well-being of our partners.

Two years after the conceptualization, the ideas were put into blue prints and then execution. The idea has become BOAZ TRANSPORT SERVICE COOPERATIVE, registered and continually supported by the Cooperative Development Authority and Office of the Transport Cooperative.

Christ-centeredness, social responsibility and people orientation brought about more details into the plan where 4 businesses were identified:
1) Transport (Public Utility Transport, Hotel Transport and Hauling),
2) Independent Shops (Auto Supply, Auto Repair Shop, New Tires),
3) Gas Station and 

4) One Stop Shop.

Under the leadership of General Manager Zaldy B. Monsod, a Total Quality Management Practitioner, 3 groups are identified to be the catalysts of the movement: the Transport Sector-drivers and operators as the heart of the cooperative as empowered individuals with improved quality of life, the Young Professionals as the groundwork of the cooperative from intricate planning to gripping execution, and the veterans who will nurture the YUPPIES by providing wisdom and expertise from their years of experience.

Projected to be 1-B worth Cooperative in 3 years, one can imagine the requirement for dedicated and innovative individuals, investors, members, who will get out of their comfort zone and face the challenge.

Dare to be part of the revolution.
Let the games begin.


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